Why Us?

  • ALL ABOUT DX is a family owned and operated business
  • German Engineering (VK4KK has a German Aerospace degree)
  • Great Customer Support
  • The ALL ABOUT DX Hexagonal Beam
    • is made in Australia.
    • is made for Australian conditions.
    • provides Kevlar Chords as standard, not optional.
    • comes with Stainless Steel fasteners throughout.
    • aluminium components are anodised.
    • comes with high quality components such as Amphenol SO-239 Connector (Rated Power 3kW).
    • was designed in more than 1000 man hours over a 12 month period.



ALL ABOUT DX takes pride in delivering high quality products to our customers. Quality has its price, so we are not the cheapest manufacturer for hexagonal beams on the market.


We also take pride in outstanding customer service.
Yes, everyone makes mistakes. We are all humans. The difference is how we deal with mistakes. We are open for critics and if we make a mistake we accept it and fix it!