How thick are your spreader tubes?
All our fibreglass tubes are 3mm thick which provides high strength.

Is your hexbeam UV resistant ?
All components have been designed with Australian UV radiation in mind. All components have been chosen to be UV resistant such as the spreader inserts on the StarHub.

When is additional anodising required?
Anodising is treatment of the surface to mitigate oxidation / corrosion. While we always recommend anodising as an extra layer of protection, living near the coast with higher sodium content in the air makes aluminium more sensitive to corrosion. StarHub and Centre Post come always anodised however, centre tube, hub tubes, flanges and stub mast tube are NOT anodised. If you wish them to be anodised, please let us know when you order your Hex.

Do I need a balun?
Yes, I highly recommend a choke balun to eliminate common mode current issues.
We can currently supply the beads which fit over RG213 / LMR400 and are in the process of designing our own QRO choke balun. Please note that a choke balun is not included in the price and needs to be ordered separately.