Prices may change without notice due to the ongoing inflation we and most of the world are facing.

As of 22 October 2022 the prices are as follows:

ALL ABOUT DX hexagonal beam aka “The Hex”: A$ 1399.

That includes all six bands, Kevlar chords, anodised aluminium centre post and StarHub and UV protected, hand painted spreaders.

The QRO choke balun is optional (you may already have one or you want to build your own) and is also made in house. The costs are A$159.
We use PTFE (aka Teflon) coax and two high quality Amphenol SO-239.

The balun and the Hex can handle full legal power in VK and has been tested with a CW (100% duty cycle) signal of 400W for 60 sec.

Additional anodising of the remaining aluminium components such as StarHub spreader tubes or stub mast is possible and recommended to obtain a better corrosion resistance. This is particularly important when living close to the coast. The current costs for the full anodising package are $139.

As with all manufacturers, you may need to pay tax. If we ship to an address within the Commonwealth of Australia, GST of 10% will apply. If we ship overseas, local tax and duties may apply (depending on tax and other regulations in your country).

Shipping costs may vary too depending on your location. (Please send us an inquiry via the contact form so we can check what the best option for you is.)

Thank you!


Ongoing supply issues, price increases for some parts and services up to 80% and very long lead times has caused the perfect storm for a start-up business like us.

We need to address these issues and need to refine or even change policies, processes and procedures.
We also need to address inefficiencies and optimise our production. 

As a consequence and to avoid any customer frustration with on-going delays after receiving orders we have decided to stop accepting orders for the time being until we have pre-produced enough Hex’ to meet our customers expectation.

However, we have created a waiting list and you can register your interesting in ordering The Hex via the contact form.

We are very sorry for not having any better news but that’s how the world has changed unfortunately. Thank you for your understanding.