Welcome to ALL ABOUT DX – Home of “The Hex” as per G3TXQ
The Hex – German Engineering – Proudly made in Australia!
Family owned and operated business!

Dear customer,

Due to the ongoing supply issues and price increases we have decided not to accept any new orders for the time being.

We expect that in 2022, once the world has returned to a somewhat normal life again, we can proceed with the production and delivery of The Hex.
However, please feel free to drop us a line and get in touch with us. We also have a waiting list where you can register your interest.

Please also note that components or modules of The Hex cannot be sold individually. Due to recent events I also need to inform that requests to obtain intellectual property cannot and will not be answered.

Thank you for your understanding.
73 de Kevin, VK4KK and the ALL ABOUT DX Crew

The Hex at the ALL ABOUT DX HQ