ALL ABOUT DX is a family business and was founded by Kevin, VK4KK in Nov 2019.

A big shout out to my family who has been very patient with me working after my full time job for more than 1,000 hrs to develop our first product, the ALL ABOUT DX Hexagonal Beam.

Another shout out goes out to Bob, VK4EK for heavily supporting us during the test phase.

We are a small business and orders may take some time to be completed at the moment as we are also in the process of building a new HQ for the family and the business. We have purchased a block (a bit more than an acre in size) and we can’t wait to move there for good.

So please, by all means, send us an inquiry if you are interested in our hexagonal beam.
Please also visit our YouTube channel for some video updates.

Thank you for visiting our website!

73 de Kevin, VK4KK and the ALL ABOUT DX crew.