Dimensions: 3.3m turning radius, 6.6m in diameter

Weight: 15kg
Shipping Weight: 17.5 kg

Bands: 20m / 17m / 15m / 12m / 10m / 6m

PWR Handling: Designed for 1.5kW PEP, tested with 400W PEP

VSWR: below 2:1*
*upper band of 6m may be slightly over, depending on antenna height and environment

VSWR can be impacted to various factors such as

1.) Antenna height (above ground / objects)
2.) Proximity to objects that may be resonant with one or more bands for instance
3.) Existing antennas (which may act as a reflector if resonant)
4.) Loss in Coax

BandForward Gain [dBd] (+2.15dB for dBi)1Front to Back Ratio [dB]2
1 Gain varies with antenna height, max gain may not be low angle required for DX.
2 F/B ratio varies slightly across each band

Wind Load: Approximately 0.5m2